In this surrealist body of wearable metal pieces, each one is born from the iconography and cosmologies presented around Hindu deities and their physical forms - mirroring the jewellery and name itself. 
Made through digital formations, each jewel is evidence of a creative synthesis of ancient drawings with modern techniques - creating a new mythology that enables us to interact and relate to a world remote from us. Combined with this is a sense of haptic healing portrayed through the simulation of touch - mimicked through the Mudras as sacred hand gestures adorning the body.

The photos are tinged with inspirations derived from old Indian chromolithographs from India's colonial era, which historically helped to democratise depictions of Hindu cosmologies.

Shot by Ritika Singh

In collaboration with Ritika Singh Photos in collab w/ Ritika Singh The ancient Vedas, written in Sanskrit allude to their gods as Devas, meaning celestial and benevolent beings also referred to as the ‘shining ones


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