Ayesha Sureya Patel is a Jewellery Artist and 3D designer from London whose work is inspired by the beauty but also tangled identities around her diasporic identity. She graduated from the Jewellery Design course at Central St. Martins (2018) and has continued working in London since; now in her Studio in Stoke Newington.

Her practice explores her cultural identity and entails researched theologies and symbolism to help draw connections between jewellery and the self, formality of adornment, and the narrative of personal materials and objects in a post-colonial world.

In her recent collection, ‘Devas’ is communicating her concepts through metals and 3D artworks to achieve hyper realistic levels of detail to capture their divinity much like the icons from which they derive. Each jewel gives evidence of a creative synthesis of religious ideologies and themes with modern techniques, creating a new mythology and form that enables us to communicate with and relate to a world remote from us.