Who decides if its predcious or not.
Pray enactted, the pearl loves a knot
Chain linked to me and you
In the small you’ll find the truth   
Amulets, talismans, charmed in mystic rite
Of birth, heirlooms, heritage sites
The gold sun and silver moon are eternal,
They can't decay, they say
Night and day
Silver cools the skin and at the feet, a place for fertility to begin
Gold is the warmest and ultimate ore
Iron strong, gendered wrong
Steel in a furnace can only be forged
Jade the stone sage.
Aquamarine, waterways
Foraged shells, dried leaves on twine
tell us of the places we tread
Auspicious seeds remind us that tomorrow is always watered and born
Words and worlds engraved
Names on plaques and hallmarked backs
Made by thou or unknown forever more
My necklace reminds me of that
Art of affection and bound bond
Rosary, rudrashka held in song
Gunja to wear or weigh it down
Black spots dispel and ward off ones who disrupt our sounds
Meditate on beads we found
Treasure, extraction, imperialism severed sacred worlds
Pirated for thirst
Wars born
The object of greed, sold desire and worth
A pawn in industry, capitalism, co option and coming first.
Buy me love.
No dust when burnt
Royalty, riches and status we place
Unearth lays the lies we save
  To be looted and reduced to the human condition to adorn
A taming of fire, a play with flame
A visit to our earths and mothers core
This was always what it was meant to be
I guess I want to start here with everything and nothing at all

The fractals in it all
A cosmic underdog undercloth and boxed
Let it crack open, locket unlocked

Free it all