Mudras are the ancient ritual of manipulating the energy currents of our body and mind using our hands. They are often used in meditation, yoga and dance where they cross the bounderies of reality into mystiscm and perfom symbolic and poetic functions.

In Indian symbology, each finger has meaning; the thumbs are soace and universal spirit, the index finger is air and individual spirit, the third is fire, the fourth finger water and the pinky is earth. This form of non-verbal story telling has peveloped in iconography in depictions of deities in myths and artwork which paint the hands with the potential for expressing conciousness - and the possenssion of power for creatuve or destructive ends..

The Mudwrap (Mudrwa + Wrap) ring wraps around the finger, with two hands shaped into Mudras at either end - symbolic of two handed Mudras or Samyukta hasta; however in this case I did design the ring with two seperate gestures in mind. The weight of the ring is designed for the weareer to feel held and safeguarded by the hands as they hug the finger.

First is the distinctuve five fingers raised facing forwards which iver foun d has varying symbolism as a universal gesture with its open and receptivness which translates as fearless in Sanskrit as Abhaya in yoga. In the traditional dance of Bharatanatyam in Tamil Nadu, this gesture is called Pataka and can translate directly as ‘cloud’ and ‘forest’ in english. 

Whilst there are countless mudra ombinations for these two hands I leave that up for interpretation for the wearer.