mudra earrings

Dimensions: 25mm x 27mm

4 weeks lead time 

Mudras are often used in meditation, yoga and danc.e where they cross the boundaries of reality into mysticism, and perform symbolic and poetic functions. The various gestures suggest the expressive potential of emerging human consciousness; with the hand being the primary instrument in creation and the mythical shaping of matter into being. Hindu deities are depicted with multiple hands in various gestures, wielding weapons or material symbols of their godly powers- a visual interpretation of their transformative powers and multifaceted nature. In a manner of adornment, the multiple arms and heads framing the central figure establish repetition and symmetry that is carried forward into the approach of this collection. It is a deliberate decision to include various mudras to depict multiplicity, as well as the precise placement of them conveying a mind-body connection (adorning the ears/head, i.e the ‘mind’).
Visual dialogue is incredibly impactful and recognisable in the retelling of this mythology. It is a rich and culturally personal language, used to recount stories of ancestry and mythology. The sequencing of the mudras thus becomes a form of non-verbal storytelling, inviting the wearer to reimagine the mythology and symbolism for a personal catharsis in reinterpretation