The story of Goddess Kali-Ma is signified through the symbology of just her tongue in this ring. Natural instincts force us to contem-plate this repellent tongue because of its animalist attributes like that of a snake. It gives ways in which she is that of a ‘devouring mother’ which clarify these natural origins, where hidden in her tongue are her archetypal powers to nurture and destroy us.

This symbolism however is not completely unique to Indian mythology. The cloven “tongues of fire” that incited early
christianity to ‘speak in tongues’ illustrates the tongue as a vessel of communication and gifts of the spirit.
contrast the phrase to ‘hold ones tongue’ teaches self control and moreso the phrase itself giving power to the tongue painting it as something that at times could be stopped. Since no other organ protrudes from the body it is natural that it comes to express what is within us.