Jewellery Care

Gold & Gold-Vermeil Pieces

Gold-vermeil will eventually show wear with time, and factors such as the acidity and moisture in your skin will contribute to this.Please dry after contact with moisture. 

Do not clean your gold or gold-plated piece with any strong chemicals, cleaning with handsoap and water and carefully drying, as well as going over once dry with a gold polishing cloth if necessary, will suffice.

925. Silver Pieces

Sterling silver contains a small amount of copper to strengthen the silver, making it less prone to denting and damage.

When sterling silver is exposed to humidity or water for a very extended period of time the copper may oxidize, tarnishing the metal.
Cleaning a sterling silver piece should your piece appear dull or tarnished, scrubbing it thoroughly with a small amount of dishwashing liquid and a toothbrush will clean the piece.

To all pieces:
To ensure your piece stays in good condition, please dry the piece after wearing in water and humid climates and avoid chlorinated water. Or take breaks and dry in between breaks.